Boiler efficiency is not constant throughout the operating range of a typical boiler. The upper end of the operating range generally presents a decrease in efficiency also because of increased flue gas exit temperature. Excess boiler capacity on-line can result in boilers operating at reduced efficiency. In contrast, insufficient boiler capacity online can significantly diminish reliability.

Condition and risk based maintenance on the steam traps, the overall steam thermal efficiency rate will increase by at least 10%



  • Traps failing in the open mode, results in a boiler working harder to produce the necessary energy. Operate beyond optimum operating point


  • A closed trap produces condensate back-up into the steam space. The equipment will not produce the intended heat, which will have a negative effect on production.

Steam quality and product is affected

Steam demand fluctuates over a wide range. The rate at which these fluctuations occur can seriously affect steam quality. A rapid, short-term steam demand increase of only 15% can cause high entrainment of water in the boiler.