Original Strategy: Replace Valves

Operational Challenges faced when replacing valves


  • No Technical Support from the OEM when valves fail.
  • OEM refuses to share standards, technical drawings, measurements and angles for valves to seal.
  • Costly downtime because oxygen trains not operational due to valve failures.


Financial challenges faced when replacing valves

  • Long delivery lead times
  • High cost to replace valves
  • Exposure to forex makes replacement more costly due to the steep depreciation of the Rand.


New Strategy: Refurbish Valves

Operational solutions by refurbishing valves

  • Valve Hospital is the only company that provides local support for Cryogenic Valves in South Africa
  • Used precision measuring tools to obtain measurements indirectly by making calculations using the actual valves in such a manner that Valve Hospital was able get precise values on the globe and seating area of the valve.
  • Valve Hospital created the technical specification needed to guarantee that the valves would seal.
  • Drastically reduced down time on the oxygen trains due to valve failures.


Financial solutions by refurbishing valves

  • Drastically reduced delivery lead times.
  • Drastically reduced cost to refurbish.
  • No exposure to forex risk as there are no spare buy-outs.